Inspiring Today’s Children To Succeed In Tomorrow’s World

At Ingenium, we assure to maximize your child’s academic and emotional growth as well with our well planned and innovative programs. Our goal is to educate the next generation of world changers with strong character and value for learning.


A One-Stop School Solution For All The Stake Holders

Join Us

With a team of experts, we at Ingenium bring to you a distinctive franchising opportunity to design an educational institution that meets every rational need of a growing child.

Our Team

Our team comprises of the most passionate edupreneurs and creative gurus you can ever find for your child. For over ten years, they have been our franchisees and franchisors, created curriculums, know the industry and tricks of the trade, and also the finer nuances of the market.

What We Do

As educators, we always display a genuine love for children and a passion to build an environment where the children can grow fearlessly.

Our Promise

Team Ingenium promises to hold your hand and guide you through this beautiful and soul-satisfying journey to help create the future, with tender arms and big hearts.

Meet INU- Our Mascot

Inu is a koala who loves to smile and hug. He symbolizes alert senses and pleasing personality. Just as the koala takes utmost care of its young ones and carries them till they are ready to be on their own.

Ingenium’s INU signifies the beautiful bond that happens between the school and the children. Our teachers and staff at Ingenium lovingly hold the children and guide them throughout their learning process.

INU- Companion For Life

Give your child a chance to make our INU their best friend and companion for life.

Pillars Of Strength

Our programs provide your child with the opportunities to collaborate, build self-regulation and problem-solving strategies and also to be engaged in other educational activities. Here’s where our strength comes from – “The Three Pillars of Strength”.


What Ingenium Offers

For A Child

A solid foundation through friendly staff, innovative methodology and interactive solutions. We ensure to provide a pressure-free environment with complete freedom to learn and achieve independent thinking.

For A Parent

A complete solution that secures the future of the child at affordable prices under one roof, which focuses on special and complete consulting on every aspect of a growing child.

For Franchises

The highest return opportunities, with excellent secondary sources of income and assurance, that maximum financial benefit will be passed on to the stakeholders in every decision taken by the franchisor. This will be coupled with best in class support system with a primary focus on honesty integrity and transparency.

Our Mission

Ingenium Says ‘NO’ To The Myth, By Providing

  • The right balance between the core Indian education system of traditions and values, with international standards and innovations.
  • An opportunity for every child to get a world-class education in the simplest manner possible.
  • An education system where maximum services are given to all stakeholders, to ensure the best value for money.

Our Values

We Pledge To

  • Always be ready to listen, understand and deliver.
  • Be your guide, best friend and caregiver.
  • Be patient, professional and competent.
  • Be empathetic, supportive and consistent.
  • Be courteous, credible and reliable.
  • Be prompt, responsive and accessible.
  • Never misinform, misguide or mislead.
  • Standby our every commitment agreed.
  • Build and foster strong values and partnerships.
  • Be beacons of excellence through lasting relationships.
  • Provide to the less fortunate our wisdom and guidance.
  • Give them wings of hope, creativity, and confidence.
  • Create, facilitate and deliver the best education.
  • Help make our children the future of this great nation.

Meet Our Team

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. Here is our ‘Team-Ingenium’ which focuses on developing better standards of curriculum and constantly updating newer methods to better the kids schooling experience.(

sudhanshu kumar

Sudhanshu Kumar

Chairman & Managing Director

Education and Professional Experience Mr.Sudhanshu is an alumnus of NIT, Trichy. He...

Tejal Khatri

Tejal Khatri

Executive Director

Mr. Khatri is graduated in engineering from Nagpur University. With over 15...

Rachna Jayant

Rachna Jayant

Director, Learning & Development

Education and Professional Experience Ms. Rachna Jayant completed her MBA in Human...


Sardhar Basha Pattan

Chief Operating Officer

Education and Professional Experience Sardhar completed his Master’s from Staffordshire University, England....

Trupti Khatri

Trupti Khatri

Director, HR & Operations

Education and Professional Experience Mrs. Trupti is graduated in Economics from Pune...