Writing is the most essential skill required in human lives. Teaching it to kids can be a little difficult though. Most of the children do not understand the necessity of having a good handwriting or learning- how to pen down words on a piece of paper. 

This is why it is important for parents and teachers to make them write. Here are some tips that can motivate your children to enhance their writing skills with ease.You also contact Ingenium School for more information or enroll your child at Ingenium school so we can take care of your child.

Practice everyday

Practicing writing every day contributes significantly to improving children’s writing skills, be it writing a shopping list, writing a letter, or writing a diary. You can help your child improve their writing skills by encouraging frequent writing habits. Make sure there is enough time in the day to write one way or another.

Distant family members will particularly love receiving handwritten letters, and this is a great way to work with your children to improve their writing skills. Ballpoint pens are also a fun idea. You can even write letters and leave them in the house. 

Prioritize writing

If you make writing time a priority, you can make it easier for your children to improve their writing skills. Put aside a small corner of the house entirely devoted to writing. Having an area dedicated exclusively to your child’s writing helps to free them from distractions. Make sure they know that you are always available for spelling and proofreading. In this way, they can concentrate on exercising their written skills and not on other things.

Scheduling writing time

The most important thing you can do is provide your children with materials and incorporate daily writing time into your timetable. I hope you find some inspiring ideas to help you write more with your preschoolers!

Effective multi-sensory writing activities help children to write in a way that they don’t just have to reach for a pencil, even if that is the end goal. Instead, these activities stimulate your child’s learning by teaching multiple senses simultaneously. These multi-sensory writing techniques stimulate learning and memory and are particularly helpful for children, including readers with learning difficulties or learning delays. 

Enroll at right preschool

Children tend to become frustrated and lose their motivation to learn when they are unable to keep up. Parents need to know how to get their child to write faster. The development of good handwriting has considerable advantages and it is refined in the primary school years.

Enrolling them at a school that helps children explore their foundation and make it stronger for future endeavors is a great way to start a child’s education. This is what every Ingenium school’s branch does with every students of its campus. We guide your child to every possibility that may interest them. 

Challenging children

Challenging you child for writing a story can be a fun and challenging activity for them. Finding ideas and inspiration for a written story can be difficult for both children and adults. By planning and writing the story, the children learn to put their thoughts in order and communicate their ideas in many different ways in written language. 

Reading to them

We have seen that one of the best ways to develop amazing writing skills is to read them. In order to promote the love of writing in children, it is important to find the things of children. If you find a book you cannot put down, make sure it is well written. 


It can be difficult to teach a child, but the above tips can help make it much easier. Before you know it, they will do things you never dreamed they would be able to do. For many people, the use of encouraging words is not always self-evident. It is up to you to muster the strength to promote words that work in your home school. 

While young children have a natural love of reading, especially when their parents read to them, reading books in the language they learn is an incredibly powerful way to make progress throughout the day. Children’s books are full of words, images, music, stories, poems, and other stories. In other words, they provide the perfect basis for learning a new language. 

school for kids

Discover the best strategies to help as parents turn your unmotivated children into self-motivated learners, especially at school for kids. Help increase motivation by creating organized learning in space with all the materials your child needs to get to work. Make a list of services that you can hang on the wall or in the fridge.

Children need to know that their parents are with them, especially at kids’ school but there are challenges along the way. Many children wait until they come home to express their true feelings about school or homework. Let your child vent his or her frustration and then find a way to relax before moving on. Creating a supportive environment in the home is one of the most effective ways to help children stay motivated. 

If your child does not seem motivated to do well at school, try to find ways to make learning fun. Show them how they need school skills and how they can use them in everyday life. 

Parents can be preoccupied and forget to ask simple questions that can affect a child’s school success. You probably know what books your child is reading and are familiar with the math they are working on. If you know that going to school is important to them, take the time to talk to them every day. If children know that parents are interested in their academic life, they will take school more seriously. In case of school for kids, pick and drop from parents is something mandatory expected

  • Motivating

Motivating kids at school can be difficult, especially if they’ve already told you they hate school. As a parent, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do at home about school for kids. Ingenium school teachers not only care for the home front but also improve the learning of their students in the classroom through the Technology and Activities

  • Reading Habit and Rewarding

Helping your child become a reader is one of the most important things you can do to help them succeed at school and in life. By showing an interest in their child’s education, parents and families can inspire enthusiasm and make their children realize that learning can be fun, rewarding and worth the effort. What we say and do in our daily lives can help to develop a positive attitude towards learning at school and increase the confidence of our learners. 

  • Recognition and Rewards

Young children thrive on recognition and can be motivated by the desire to get good grades from teachers and praise from parents. So, while building a structure for homework and academic success is crucial, children also need help developing success habits.

As school approaches or has only just begun, it is important to help school kids with proven organizational tools that are easy to use, useful, and quickly lead to good grades. Reward your children for completing daily task sheets, taking home the necessary book materials, completing written papers and studies before exams, and packing your bookbag for the next day.

  • Behavior

Motivating your child to be good at school can be one of the difficult tasks of parenting because most of what happens at school is out of your control. The school can have a strong impact on a child’s motivation due to the environment created by the teachers and other pupils in the school. Hearing teachers, classroom teachers or principals talk negatively about their students can undermine kids’ confidence in the people you influence and teach every day. 


There are many school for kids who teach all these and more. This is just a glimpse of how things can be at school for kids, especially for nurseries and relevant classes. Similarly, Ingenium Schools with its multiple branches concentrates on creating such an environment at school for kids that they love to come school everyday.

There are many top pre nurseries in Hyderabad but not all of them are worth it. Instructors and teachers, especially those worried about preschool learning have bantered for quite a while on the right method for presenting new ideas and cultivating the learning soul in little youngsters. Sister Prep, a top pre-nursery in Gurgaon, has consistently made sure that the learning style is separately custom-made to the youngster’s needs, and a hands-off methodology works best every single time.

There are 7 distinctive learning styles that are utilized in any situation, they are; 

  • Visual: Images, pictures, and spatial comprehension are utilized. 
  • Aural: Where the emphasis is on music and sounds to enable the youngster to comprehend. 
  • Physical: Here the hands, feet and the body, as a rule, are utilized to connect and the feeling of touch is central. 
  • Verbal: Words, in discourse and in recognizing things. 
  • Logical: Reasoning and rationale are utilized. 
  • Solitary: The kid works alone and utilizes self-learning. 
  • Social: Learning is done in gatherings.

The kid never has one style only, and it has been seen that every understudy has a couple of the above techniques for discovering that he/she likes, or demonstrates a tendency to utilize. At Ingenium schools, we help you as a parent, to distinguish which style of learning, your kid is generally OK with, and would gain the best ground in. All things considered, in the present serious occasions, any instructive assistance, in any capacity is equivalent to improving the youngster’s possibilities as an understudy and an expert later on throughout everyday life.

The hand’s off methodology works for our situation on the grounds that our prepared instructors are profoundly gifted in spotting in what direction a specific youngster is well on the way to create fundamental abilities. The kid is sans left to associate with nature, which is a sheltered and agreeable one, under an exceptionally careful gaze, which intercedes when vital. 

They can utilize their feeling of touch, hearing, and voices as they investigate a world that is energizing and overflowing with potential outcomes. When we are certain that your kid is demonstrating a tendency towards a specific kind of learning, our teachers step in to help him/her in improving the aptitudes expected to advance in that way.

We give extremely close consideration to the individual needs of your kid, which is the reason they are treated with the most extreme consideration and regard. We comprehend that every youngster is unique, since we, as people, separately are extraordinary. What’s more, a hands-off methodology gives us the chance to watch and build up the characteristic learning tendencies of the youngsters before they enter formal school.


There are many top pre nurseries in Hyderabad but Ingenium School is the best for your child’s future. This is because we have a curriculum Curriculum that gives your child a better and optimistic future. Also, STEAM has the highest success rate at Ingenium than any other top pre nurseries in Hyderabad. 

While picking a preschool in Hyderabad, a portion of the things that may go through your head is: that you need your child to be safe and secure, to have solid social encounters, to locate a cherishing and sustaining place that has a few limits, to feel great, sure and to succeed, and to be set up for kindergarten.

So, how would you know what the ideal preschool in Hyderabad is that will fill those necessities? Contingent upon where you live you will need to start this procedure 9 to a year before your tot beginning – this gives you sufficient time and permits you to pick the program that best suits your family.


Do your research before declaring the right preschool in Hyderabad for your child according to you. You can complete your research by considering the following points.

  1. What are the best preschools present in Hyderabad?
  2. Are there other parents you know who have children at certain schools? Ask their candid thoughts.
  3. Read online reviews or school ratings.
  4. Be sure to evaluate practical pieces that fit with your family needs (e.g., proximity, hours, involvement, cost).


Take a look at an assortment of settings. You may discover you are wonderfully astounded. You don’t need a school that just penetrates and practices aptitudes, but instead, one that offers your kid an opportunity to settle on decisions and evaluate learning openings. It is likewise imperative to discover a setting that is unguarded with families, urges them to make a trip and gives criticism between the family and the school.


Following are some of the question parents can ask to select the right preschool in Hyderabad

  1. What is your way to deal with discipline? Is the school’s methodology like your methodology at home? Consistency is useful in your youngster’s desires.
  2. What safety efforts do you take? This incorporates things like who is permitted in the structure and what they drop off and get methods are.
  3. What is the foundation/training level of the instructors? Contingent upon where you look, educators in youth can regularly have diverse professional ways. This can be extraordinary, however, it’s frequently pleasant to know the foundation of the individual who will show your youngster.
  4. What is your priority for every child? With this inquiry, you need to comprehend their emphasis on play or scholastics, or, ideally, a great equalization of both.
  5. Is there a parent association desire? It is acceptable to comprehend what is anticipated from you in advance. Consider the amount you’d prefer to be included and ensure it lives up to your desires.


It feels like a major choice however go with your gut to choose the best preschool in Hyderabad. Keep in mind, kids learn best through adoring connections, a protected situation, schedules, play, and positive social cooperations. Go with what your sense is letting you know!


The best preschool in Hyderabad is none other than Ingenium Schools. We say this because of all the branches Ingenium has in the city. Also, the Cambridge Curriculum followed by Ingenium Schools does the amazing groundwork for students helping them grow. 

A preschool provides the much essential learnings and infuse a strong behaviour pattern which inculcates in this initial phase of their lives. This early stage development adds confidence and encouragement to their personalities which stay with them until very long. pre-school imparts the fundamental skills to the kids. Skills like reading, thinking, writing, craft and painting, improving their attention span and focusing are learnt in a playful manner. This provides a sense of security to the kid and gives them more confidence and prepares them in an apt manner for the elementary school ahead.

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Promotes Language and Cognitive Skills
  • Nurtures Child’s Curiosity
  • Essentials activities like pre-math and literacy skills get a boost
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Develops Motor Skills
  • Brings them into the social atmosphere and out of their comfort zones of their parents in a playful manner.
Fun learning for kids

Did you ever wonder, learning can be fun and full of exploration? Did you know HighScope supports children to have integrated curriculum where children by doing one activity eventually meets more skills?

To settle your curiosity, watch this video on Active Participatory Learning in footprints classroom. The video demonstrates How footprints classroom supports active Learning and empowers children to learning concepts with freedom and ease.

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  • Curriculum is based on the integration of the top successful methods to Early Childhood Education
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Arts and crafts center to unleash creativity, Dramatics stage area, Fitness studio and Organic farming
  • A new skill which creates self-awareness leading to clarity of thoughts and emotions management
  • Creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities
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