“Don’t stop chasing your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur because with Ingenium, dreams do come true.”
  • Complete academic material like monthly curriculum day activity schedule, activities and celebrations and their details along with the quality learning material.
  • Complete know-how and training of automation along with access to the software.
  • Additional revenue generation through extended Day program along with Adhoc with like summer camps etc.
  • Interior layout design as per the premises and complete guidance and solutions to establish, operate and manage the franchise.
  • Extensive guidance on marketing activities for admissions and property string and training for counseling.
  • Assistance in recruitment and training of faculty.

About CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Only in a healthy society can healthy businesses flourish and to ensure this, businesses must positively impact society.”

This is one of the fundamental values that is embedded in the very DNA of Ingenium Edutech Limited.

The Founders were active in setting up pioneering institutions for sustaining and improving-

  • Educational
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Religious

conditions in India. Ingenium has been supporting these initiatives much before the term ‘CSR’ – Corporate Social Responsibility – was coined. Ingenium is taking a step forward soon to make‘India A Better Nation’ by adopting one of every five Anganwadi schools.