What is the right time to send your kid to a preschool?

What is the best age to go to preschool?

The best age to go to preschool is between  1.5-3 years. Usually, most of the parents have a query in the mind as to when they need to send their young one to preschool. This is precisely the age(1.5-5yrs) when the kid’s social motor skills develop. Kids learn to hold objects, play with toys, learn to utter words. So at this juncture, kids must be entrusted in safe hands. Ingenium one of the best playschool in Hyderabad pays attention to all these intricate details.

Ingenium Playschools located at different branches in Hyderabad like Alkapur, Beeramguda, Madinaguda, Chandanagar, Nallaagandla, Hafeezpet, Bhongir, Kalyan Nagar. Ingenium is arguable one of the best preschools in Hyderabad. It is a daunting task for moms to take care of their toddlers. Different kids show different growth stages. It is necessary to motivate toddlers, play with them. It is a challenging task for moms to figure out which preschool is best for their kids. Kids show rampant growth and improvement in this toddler age. Their brain starts developing at this tender age.

Their response skills, looking skills, talking skills, etc all get molded at this age. So the kid must get appropriate nurturing at this age. Kids start responding to songs, try to sing rhymes, identify colors, etc at all this tender age. Even if some kids are backward in such activities they need to talk and interacted to boost their communication skills. I have heard d about many kids who start talking late. They are then sent to speech therapy classes. Parents to parents different kinds of issues are encountered.

We here at Ingenium one of the best preschool in Hyderabad puts all our efforts together such that parents and kids are on the same page. A playschool like Ingenium is truly the definite solution for your preschool woes. A right preschool can be helpful for both your kid and parents.

Working parents can entrust their kids in the safe hands of a good preschool. There are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the preschool.

·         The preschool premises should be neat and tidy.

·         Especially when this corona pandemic is torturing us it becomes highly crucial that the preschool, the guardians of kids, the nannies, the playschool staff all remain hygienic all through the day.

·         Handwash, Liquid sanitizers, soaps, etc must be kept in the cleaning area.

·         Kids’ bathrooms and toilets should be kept neat and clean as these areas are carriers of bacteria.

·         Preschool should be near to your home such that your toddler does not feel stressed out.

·         If kids are in diapers then parents should ensure that extra diapers are kept in stock.

·         Kids if possible should be potty trained.

·         There must play items, toys for kids to remain engaged all day long.

·         Small slides of less height should be installed so that kids can play all day long.

·         Objects or games of sharp edges should not be present within the premises.

·         Care should be taken such that the teachers and nannies are not harsh on kids.

·         Any incident of yelling, ranting or beating the kid should be reported if witnessed and the management will take strict action to such incidents.

Ingenium playschool one of the best playschools in Hyderabad trains all its staff right from teachers to nannies to housekeeping staff to be vigilant and careful during their duty hours. So we welcome all parents to discover this sweeter, nicer world for their kids where they spent the best hours of their toddler life.

Kids will be better communicators and will learn to socialize when they are admitted to a good preschool. Please conduct a personal tour of our premises to know more. Kindly  visit our website at https://www.ingeniumschool.com/ingenium-blog/

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